13 Incredible Car Renderings by Egon Feldman

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You know when you see a rendering… you know it’s a rendering, but it looks SO real. KeyShot can do that and Egon Feldman is the perfect person to show you the possibilities using nothing more than photos from an iPhone and a little KeyShot magic. He nails everything from lighting to camera angle perfect. Recently, he sent us renderings he had done for a friend. 13 of them to be exact. They’re such great examples KeyShot’s photo-realistic rendering capabilities, we couldn’t help but share them and give you a little background on Egon himself.

Egon Feldman

“I’m a photographer in Denver Co. I started learning 3D six years ago. I stumbled on Hypershot about 3 years ago in the portfolio of Norio Fujikawa on the Behance network. During that time I was taking a marketing class at Metro state college and got a student license. I was hooked.”

Here’s a quick tip from Egon on how to approach a rendering:
Always look at what you think is your final render with a fresh set of eyes. Walk away from it for a few hours. Better yet ….the next day if you have the time.

You can see right away how Egon’s interest in photography plays an important role in the rendered compositions he creates. The images you’ll see below were photos sent to Egon by a friend taking a roadtrip from Denver to Oregon. “As he took pictures with his iPhone and sent them to me, I dropped in the cars and sent them back. About 15-30 min each.” I know, let’s get to it already, right? Prepare yourself.

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