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Two things to know. 1) KeyShot is used from concept design through marketing. 2) KeyShot for Solid Edge is available with Solid Edge ST 7. If you’re a Solid Edge user, I’m sure you knew about both of those. If you were not at Solid Edge University however, there are some details you may be wondering about and some questions you may have. During SEU, Thomas Teger, VP of Product & Strategy here at Luxion, gave a presentation on KeyShot and what that means for Solid Edge users. As Mr. Lombard puts it, Thomas “talks about the features we will get as Solid Edge users, and the additional features that are available for a little extra money. He talks about lighting, the pause capability, expert tools, resolution, setting up and sharing materials, KeyShot Cloud, KeyShot forums, and more.”

If you’re a Solid Edge users, you’ll see KeyShot for Solid Edge showing up this summer with the release of ST7. If you’re an existing KeyShot user, Solid Edge works just as you would normally use it. The first version that comes with Solid Edge ST7 is KeyShot 5, just released with new features you can see here. One of those features is NURBS Ray-tracing that allows you to import the NURBS data from Solid Edge for smoother, more accurate appearance inside KeyShot. As always there are plenty of tutorials and quick tips to get you going with KeyShot in the KeyShot Learning Center.

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