Make Robots in ZBrush and KeyShot with Furio Tedeschi

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The time has come! What time is that, praytell? The time for you to make incredible looking robots and render them in KeyShot. We’re excited to announce a new course brought to by the fine folks at ZBrushWorkshops. Make Robots in ZBrush is a full length, down in the trenches guide for all of those looking to take their ZBrush modeling skills and KeyShot rendering skills to the next level. The lessons start Tuesday, September 17th, which leaves you plenty of time to plan, but if you sign up now, you’ll get an early bird discount and nearly a month of anticipation!

Make Robots in ZBrush

Furio Tedeschi is a 3D character and concept artist who has worked on major video games and movies, including Halo 4, Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil Retribution. The course consists of seven modules taking you through the entire process of ZBrush sculpting to KeyShot rendering and post processing in Photoshop. He’ll also be featuring the new KeyShot GoZ integration within ZBrush, bringing all SubTools directly into KeyShot with full texture and PolyPaint. It’s the full deal.

Prior to the course, this Thursday, August 29th at 1:00 PDT, ZBW will also host a free StudioTalk session with Furio. This is a free webinar you can register for here in the top right corner. Sign up for the course as well, and if you would like to see some of Furio’s work, be sure to check out his webpage or visit him on Facebook.


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