KeyShot 7.1 Now Available

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Today, we’re excited to bring you KeyShot 7.1. We’ve had a lot of feedback on the new features – people raving about the new materials, loving the customization, the improved texture mapping and the integrated HDR Editor. And since the release of KeyShot 7, we’ve continued making improvements and refining new features.

With KeyShot 7.1 we introduce an optimized Gem material with more accuract gem dispersion and unlink materials when splitting them up. We’ve refined the rounded edges capabilities to provide more accurate rounded edge along with the ability to assign them to groups. We’ve improved file size when saving, added re-ordering for Model Sets and the Configurator, and bring you great new updates to KeyShot Network Rendering for more control over your core usage.

Highlights include:

  • Improved accuracy to Gem dispersion
  • Improved Metal Material Type selection
  • Improved rounded edges and group support
  • Improved node alignment in Material Graph
  • Improved file size reduction after saving
  • Improved ground shadows with Motion Blur
  • Drag and Drop re-order of Model Sets
  • Model and Material re-order in Configurator
  • Render Layer output enabled upon creation
  • Added Network Render Worker tray with core count control
  • Added ability to ‘Use all cores on sign out’
  • Support for Maya 2018
  • Bug fixes and improvements

The download is avaiable immediately for KeyShot 7 users on maintenance subscription. Upgrades from a previous version of KeyShot to KeyShot 7 may be purchased on the KeyShot online store.

You can see a full list of updates and improvements for KeyShot 7.1 and download the update on the KeyShot forum. If you haven’t already, see What’s New in KeyShot 7, view our latest KeyShot 7 webinars and download a free trial of KeyShot today.

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Image: Model and render create by Simon Williamson

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