How Unilever Creates Incredible Packaging Design Shots with KeyShot

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We’re proud to feature Unilever as KeyShot’s customer of the month. Unilever creates a lot of the brands you use everyday and their design department uses KeyShot to make the beautiful visuals you see. We talked with Joshua Sternthal, Senior Industrial Designer with Unilever HPC and see how they use KeyShot for their full range of packaging design concepts and models.

Unilever / Joshua Sternthal

At Unilever, Josh uses Siemens NX with prior experience in SolidWorks. In choosing their 3D rendering software, they did thorough research and testing. “We evaluated MANY different rendering platforms before choosing KeyShot. Our main difficulty was the two sides of 3D modeling–the CAD side (NX, SolidWorks, ProE, Catia, etc) and the freeform side (3D Studio Max, Maya, etc). The CAD side was capable of parametric modeling which was absolutely critical to the way we worked and the freeform side was capable of creating beautiful renderings.”

“There was no tool that bridged the gap easily or reliably until KeyShot came along. When faced with a decision on rendering packages, we chose KeyShot for the support of the Mac platform and no requirement for any particular graphic card. Now, with the addition of KeyShotVR and Network Rendering, we are planning on more ways to use KeyShot in our workflow process.”

When asked if he has any tips or advice for others, Joshua replied, “Getting to know KeyShot and how to use it is simple, that’s why we chose it. Anyone can use it, but not everyone is capable of creating a good rendering. I compare it to photography: Just because you have a high end camera doesn’t mean you are going to get great pictures. This goes for rendering even more so. It is critical for the person setting up a render to know what makes a good composition & what qualifies as good lighting. A good understanding of the basic rules of photography, lighting and composition are absolutely critical to being able to create good renderings.”

It was a pleasure to speak with Joshua and we’re looking forward to see how they use KeyShotVR. You can read the full article about Unilever here.

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