Vax Standardizes on KeyShot for Design and Marketing Visuals

by | Sep 13, 2012

Irvine, California, September 13th, 2012 – Luxion, a leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot®, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, has announced that Vax Ltd — UK’s best-selling floorcare brand — has standardized on KeyShot for design and marketing creating images directly from their CreoTM data.

Vax is known for being the only floorcare specialist with a full range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, cordless, steam and hard floor cleaners. For everything from design and marketing material to product shots for packaging, Vax is continuing to build their brand with photorealistic product imagery using KeyShot. Guy Newsom, Design Associate with Vax Ltd, has been part of delivering the visuals throughout the design and marketing process. “KeyShot has been instrumental in the success of creating high quality visuals for Vax.” said Guy, “Where before it was just being used for the packaging hero shots and a few colour variant concepts, it has now become a key asset for the design and marketing team with rendered point-of-sale, full range reviews, advert campaigns, presentation boards and detailed technology shots to best show off our products.”

Vax uses KeyShot to create photorealistic 3D rendered images of their floorcare products. (Image: Guy Newsom, Vax Ltd)

Using the new environmental lighting features in KeyShot, Vax has elevated the amount of visuals they are able to create using 3D rendering. “We have developed a more realistic lighting setup by bringing in objects to the product scene, then adding lights with the KeyShot HDRI Editor,” Guy explains, “This allows us to test and move the lights around similar to a professional photography studio. This has seen dramatic improvements to the end result of our images.”

KeyShot has been completely bought into by the company now. “Moving forward, the aim is for the 3D rendered images to completely replace the expensive product photography process. We have now started developing animations to help show off key new technologies and innovations within our products to help separate them from our competitors on the market and are excited about the potential interactive elements the KeyShotVR output could offer in the future,” says Guy.

To see more images of how Vax is using KeyShot to create their stunning images, see the KeyShot Customer of the Month feature for Vax Ltd.

About Vax
Vax has been dedicated to caring for floors and carpets for more than 30 years. With a team of engineers and designers in the UK, they listen to their customers and deliver product based on their feedback. Efficient in operation, effortless to use and elegantly good looking are some of the qualities which our customers have asked for. Vax delivers outstanding performance in each of these areas. For more information visit

About Luxion
Luxion is a leading developer of advanced 3D rendering and lighting technology. KeyShot is the first realtime ray tracing application that uses a physically correct render engine based on scientific research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination. Addressing the visualization needs of designers, engineers, marketing professionals, photographers and CG specialists, KeyShot breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images and animations from 3D digital data. Luxion’s customer list includes many of the Fortune 1000 product manufacturers and major industrial design companies including Dell, HP, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, IDEO and SMART Design. For more information visit

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