Tim Feher is a driving force behind our KeyShot product. He has provided valuable feedback from the automotive sector. Below, you’ll read more about Tim’s sense of empowerment with KeyShot, how it allows him to still be an artist and see more of the incredible 3D renderings that he creates.

Tim Feher

Modeling software used: Maya
Website: feherfactor.com

Tim Feher is a CGI Artist in the Automotive sector. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1997, he started his career as a Technical Illustrator. While that was fun, he wanted more. So when he heard about CGI, he went for it head on. Tim has an extensive and ever growing portfolio. His background in the digital/traditional arts is second to none. Producing photorealistic images is his passion; Keyshot has made it easier to do just that. You can find his work in national television spots, print ads, dealer catalogs, trade magazines, brand websites, and more.

Tim describes what sets KeyShot apart, “The main problem with other products out there is the complexity of the interface within the software. I needed something that was quick and easy to use, KeyShot offered just that. Its user friendly interface combined with real-time rendering was a win win for me. With KeyShot, I feel EMPOWERED! I have a paint brush and a digital canvas to work with. I have real, artistic-grade paints and I can see the impact of my work instantly. For me, SPEED is key! And KeyShot allows me to demonstrate multiple iterations quickly. I really like KeyShot products because the real-time interactivity, high quality results and intuitive UI lets me be an artist.”