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We’re back from the IDSA Southern District Design Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina and want to thank all the students and loyal fans in the schools who made this such an enjoyable event, from those who brought their friends by the booth to see KeyShot in action to the Student Merit award nominees giving props to KeyShot to the crowd at the standing-room only KeyShot workshop. What a group! Along with seeing old friends and meeting new ones, we had a continuous flow of traffic to the booth and with that, a continuous flow of compliments and questions. What questions were they asking? We gathered the top five to share with you, just in case you may be wondering the same thing.

Students and educators alike were very interested to find out about the new version of KeyShot, upgrading from previous versions of KeyShot and taking advantage of the environmental and physical lighting options in KeyShot. Here is a wrap-up of the most common questions we had.

1. How do I upgrade to KeyShot 4?
Very simple. If you have a valid educational license, all you need to do is download KeyShot 4 here, install it, and then activate it. The registration wizard will walk you through the individual steps. If you have a lab pack at school, you should have already received your download links along with your updated license file. Still have questions? Just email [email protected] and you can be up and running the same day.

All commercial customers on active maintenance will have to download and install KeyShot 4. Start KeyShot to activate, and follow the steps in the wizard. If you own a floating license, you should already have received your license file for KeyShot 4 along with the latest download links. For further questions please contact [email protected].

2. What’s new in KeyShot 4?
KeyShot 4 brings user interface updates, along with Live Linking for SolidWorks, Rhino and Creo. You have the ability to add physical lights to your scenes. There is the new integration of color palettes including both RAL and PANTONE colors, MOLD-TECH textures for advance realism of your materials and Pro features like render layers, render passes, stereoscopic viewing and updates to the HDRI Editor to make creating and editing your environment lighting even easier. You can see all the new features in KeyShot 4 here.

3. How can I change the lighting?
There are multiple ways to change the lighting in KeyShot. KeyShot comes preloaded with many environments you can use to quickly update the lighting. You can import your own HDR images as well. With KeyShot 4, you have the ability to add physical lights, turning any physical object into a point light, area light or an IES light profile. The Pro version comes with the KeyShot HDR Editor allowing you to change the environment lighting, adjusting type, location, shape and color and adding highlights or blur, all in real-time. The Pro version is part of the KeyShot education Labpacks.

4. What can I do with KeyShot Animation?
In five minutes, you can put together a simple exploded-view animation with camera transitions–even faster if you’re just creating a turntable. You can animate objects, groups of objects and lights by applying an object or camera transition. Group, stagger, reverse. Setup, playback and edit – see it all happening in real-time. See more about KeyShot Animation here.

5. What is KeyShotVR?
These are interactive images you can view in a HTML5-enabled browser or on a touch-enabled device, like an iPad. This is also available with all Education Labpacks. You can view more in KeyShotVR and see examples here.

We answered a lot more questions, gave a lot of of demos and handed out plenty of KeyShot stickers at the IDSA Southern District Design Conference. There’s plenty more of all that for the upcoming conferences this month, so be sure to stop by, asks more questions, see the new features in KeyShot 4 and yes, snag a few stickers.

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