TAGTOOL Stylus Pen and Pencil Visualized Using KeyShot

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Last week, on July 16th, GRIFITI product design and development group had the TAGTOOL, their first Kickstarter project, successfully funded. The TAGTOOL is a stylus, but so much more. The group loves mechanical pencils, fountain pens & rollerball pens. So, they combined these with a stylus nib to bring you three multifunctional options. They designed the ‘ultimate stylus mechanical pencil and pen set for analog and digital expression’ and they used KeyShot to create the stunning visuals.

TAGTOOL Stylus visualized using KeyShot

Talking with Tin Hoang, the TAGTOOL stylus was modeled in Rhino and rendered in KeyShot. The design features an interchangeable stylus nib with all three versions having a matte brushed Titanium alloy barrel and cap, polished chrome accents and ABS soft grip rings. The images created for the campaign, seen below, portray the elegance of the design and even more, the perfect attention to materials and lighting that combine to create an incredible looking set of writing tools.

I only wish I would have got my hands on a set–Not to worry. You’ll pay slightly more than the Kickstarter pre-order, but all three styli are available via the GRIFITI product page at $30 a pop, with free shipping to many locations. Here’s a look at the images GRIFITI created using KeyShot and how it came together in the video produced for the Kickstarter project.

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