KeyShot 3.3.33 Now Available

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Ahh, we just slipped into Fall in the Northern hemisphere, and what better way to start off cooler weather and falling leaves than with an update to KeyShot. Joy of joys, we have it for you right here. A great one, I might add, full of additional features and fixes that have come from all of your great feedback. Here’s a quick look at what’s included in KeyShot 3.3.33 along with where you can download it.

KeyShot 3.3.33 update

Our big feature with this update is the inclusion of DuPont paints materials. You’ll find a sample set of the paints included with the download and can request specific paints by contacting us direct. We’ve also added a good amount of tweaks for textures that you’ll love, along with easier license deactivation.

Here is the full list of updates:

  • Inclusion of DuPont paints – contact if you require specific paints from DuPont
  • Textures no longer import at smaller scale when opening previously saved scenes
  • Removed limit when rendering very large images
  • Fixed issue where textures could be misaligned when rendering models with hidden parts in background, render queue, or network rendering
  • Textures and labels maintain their scale when they are being reloaded.
  • Improved license deactivation
  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes

When you start KeyShot, the auto-update will let you know a download is available. You can also go to Help, Check for update… or download the updates online here or a full install here. Pro Floating customers have received an email with download links to the new installers. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact

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