How Vax Ltd is Using KeyShot for Design and Marketing Visuals

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Take a look at that vaccuum cleaner. I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking consumer cleaning product in all my life. For over 30 years, Vax Ltd has been delivering the best in floor care products, with a team of engineers and designers that deliver these fabulous machines based on customer feedback. They’ve been using KeyShot as a primary tool for product visuals and are now integrating it throughout the company with plans for completely replace product photography.

If you’ve seen the Vax Customer spotlight, you’re familiar with the striking images they’ve been producing with KeyShot. We followed up with Guy Newsom and Gavin Burnham to see how they are using KeyShot and what effect it is having on their workflow.

“KeyShot has been instrumental in the success of creating high quality visuals for Vax.”

“KeyShot has been instrumental in the success of creating high quality visuals for Vax.” said Guy, “Where before it was just being used for the packaging hero shots and a few colour variant concepts, it has now become a key asset for the design and marketing team with rendered Point-of-sale, full range, reviews advert campaigns, presentation boards and detailed technology shots to best show off our products.”

“Using the new environmental lighting features in KeyShot, Vax has elevated the amount of visuals they are able to create using 3D rendering. “We have developed a more realistic lighting setup by bringing in objects to the product scene, then adding lights with the KeyShot HDRI Editor,” Guy explains, “This allows us to test and move the lights around similar to a professional photography studio. This has seen dramatic improvements to the end result of our images.”

KeyShot has been completely bought into by the company now. “Moving forward, the aim is for the 3D rendered images to completely replace the expensive product photography process. We have now started developing animations to help show off key new technologies and innovations within our products to help separate them from our competitors on the market and are excited about the potential interactive elements the KeyShotVR output could offer in the future,” says Guy.

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