How to Migrate KeyShot Resources to KeyShot 7

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KeyShot 7 is out. And with that, all the KeyShot resources – the materials, environments, textures and backplates – have been updated to take advantage of the latest KeyShot material, texture and environment capabilities.

We’ve captured the list of updates and what changed in the KeyShot 7 What’s New Guide. The KeyShot 7 beta testers LOVED the updates – the higher resolution unit-aware materials, images based textures re-created to use procedural textures and much, much more.

If you’re upgrading from KeyShot 6 however, you may want to keep some of those previous resources, especially any custom resources you created. Our first tutorial for KeyShot 7 shows you how to do just that.

How to Migrate Resources to KeyShot 7

The video below breaks down the process. What you want to avoid doing is moving resources from the KeyShot 6 folder directly into the KeyShot 7 folder. What we’re going to do is export the resources from KeyShot 6 and import them into KeyShot 7.

Note: whenever we say ‘resources’ or ‘assets’ that refers to KeyShot Materials, Colors, Textures, Environments and Backplates.


Here is the basic approach for each type of resource.

1. Export Each Folder
If you haven’t already, add your custom resources to a custom folder. Right-click and export each folder to your desktop.

2. Add a Folder in KeyShot 7
Create a folder in KeyShot 7 for the corresponding resources you will transfer over.

3. Import Directly to the KeyShot 7 Folder
Right-click that folder and select Import to locate and import the resources from the previous version.


  • If you see an error on export, you may have a material that is missing a texture.
  • KeyShot Materials are exported as a .kmp file. KeyShot Colors are exported as a .kcp file. Environments, Textures and Backplates are exported each as their own format (.jpg, .png, .exr, .hdr, etc.)
  • You can export Environments, Textures and Backplates directly to  the corresponding folder you created in your KeyShot 7 Resource folder.

That’s it. A simple import-export to add your custom resources to your KeyShot 7 resources.

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Have a question about KeyShot 7 or migrating your resources? Let us know in the comments or on the KeyShot forum.

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