EntaStudios Using KeyShot for Amazing Vehicle Design

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There are many design firms, but few standout as pushing the envelop of design and truly capturing what’s possible. EntaStudio is one of these. A design house out of Turkey with deep roots in creating exceptional design, they cover a wide array of design discipline mixed with a love for vehicles. The five person team is headed up by Oktay Türkoğlu and Ramazan Kaya who created the company to explore industrial product design, vehicle design and to take on other initiatives such as reverse engineering.


Oktay and Ramazan along with another member make up the design side, with a mechanical engineer and visual communication specialist round out the team. They’re modeling using SolidWorks and using KeyShot to create the amazing images you see here.

Most recently, EntaStudio completed work on an electric minibus design, “As with every country in the process of expansion, the number of electric vehicles began to increase in our country. With the support of electric vehicle technology from manufacturers, the EntaStudio minibus was created to adapt to the transportation needs of society. Minimum energy, Maximum power and an environmentally-friendly vehicle.”

Their favorite part of the process is the design – working with sketches, models and creating the renderings in KeyShot to complete the photo-realistic visuals for presentation. “The whole world should use these two programs!” says Ramazan. Here are the latest versions produced for the minibus design concept and what you may see on the streets in the not-too-distant future.

Images: Otoasirim

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Written By Josh Mings


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