10 of our Favorite KeyShot Renderings of 2022

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Could we *actually* pick just one favorite KeyShot rendering of 2022? Psh. No sooner could we select a single favorite star in the sky. Still, we made an effort to gather some of our favorites from this year. The following KeyShot renderings caught our attention for a variety of reasons, whether it was stunning realism, outlandish creativity, razor-sharp caustics, or just good-old-fashioned cleverness.  

Also: is this list remotely comprehensive? Of course not. Feel free to share with us the killer KeyShot renderings we missed in the comments. 

Got a hole in your lip? 

Gorgeous blue glasses that you’re lucky aren’t real, because they’d be all but impossible to drink from. Still, we’re in love with the caustics, textured glass, lighting, and did we mention, those gorgeous caustics?

KStark 1

By Katharina Stärck

Rrrrreved-up renderings.

Does it have an engine? Then Pablo Marcelo has probably dropped a fantastic KeyShot rendering of it. His Insta is full of classic cars, race cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes. 

Pablo Marcelo

More from Pablo Marcelo

Velvety-Smooth Video

The winner of this year’s Core 77 Design Awards wowed the judges with elegantly composed images and video.

Keep blinking; they’re renderings.

“Anything from Roshan. You’re telling me his Apple Watch and Airpods renderings aren’t real photographs? Wild.” – A KeyShot Project Manager, and industrial designer, who recommended Roshan be included in this list. 


See more from Roshan Hakkim


Alex D’souza’s renderings are a gosh darn delight. Probably because he loves providing a sense of “uniqueness, interaction and fun” to his creations. 


See Alex’s KeyShot artist feature

Thirst trap.

Joaquin Bozicovich’s IG shows how he is a veritable master of materials. 

Joaquin 1

More from Joaquin Bozicovich

Excellence. Rendered.

There’s good and then there’s GOOD. Rachel Anne Bernardo’s renderings are the latter. And her own story is both comforting and galvanizing – her philosophy of fearlessly embracing failure will inspire you to do your best work.   


See Rachel Anne Bernardo’s KeyShot artist feature

Sand on the lens! Sand on the lens!

One of our most-commented-on #clay2keyshot Insta posts of all time drew legit concerns that sand was ruining a classic film camera. And at the time, Jay hadn’t even graduated yet!


More from Jay Bhosale   

A perfect proposal.

Ivan Vuzem has not only designed jewelry for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, but he also took a 2D drawing from his girlfriend, modeled it, rendered it in KeyShot, made a 3D printing of its form, and arranged for the ring to be made for his proposal.

Ivan Vuzem2

See Ivan’s jewelry renderings

The Winter Wonderland Winners.

The Winter Wonderland Design challenge on the new KeyShot Luminaries platform attracted over 150 impressive submissions, and three winners were selected in each category (ornament, snowman, and holiday card). The ornament below is by Paul Anderson.

Ornament Winner - Paul Anderson

See all winners of the Winter Wonderland Design Challenge

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