The ultimate ride–the words themselves instill a sense of adventure, an air of quality, commitment, dedication and a passion for pushing engineering advancements. SRAM is set to refine and redefine the pinnacle of the ultimate ride advancing the state of bicycle component technology over the past 25 years with ingenuity, shrewd partnerships and a compulsive passion for making your ride better. It all started with the revolutionary Grip Shift, a huge success that led to the development of other components and joining forces with highly successful, top of the line suspension, brake, bracket and crankset brands. SRAM continues their focus on reliability, dependability and quality, seeking precision and using KeyShot throughout the product development process to deliver the visuals.


Modeling software used:

SRAM is a multi-national company with world headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It’s here where SRAM’s Industrial Design team works collaboratively with Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, and Manufacturing. The Industrial Design team is made up of three internal core team members; product graphic designers, finish engineers, and industrial designers. These three internal ID teams work hand-in-hand with each other from the beginning of every project to ensure that each design is executed with the highest attention to detail and quality.

Using KeyShot early in the concept phase has helped us set our design targets sooner for how the product will look in production…

SRAM uses KeyShot throughout the design process to help communicate initial concepts within the Industrial Design team as well as externally with Product Management and Marketing. “Primarily the Industrial and Product Graphic Designers use KeyShot to show how the forms of our products will look with different finish and graphics options for discussion and feedback from our Finish Engineers.” explains Dhiraj Madura, Global Director of Industrial Design at SRAM, “After we arrive at manufactureable concepts which meet our brand guidelines, we use KeyShot to present our concepts to Product Management and Marketing.”

“Before KeyShot, the Product Graphic Designers only had 2D vector images out of Adobe Illustrator to mock up their graphic concepts, which could not accurately depict all the different finishes we use on our products or how the graphics would look on 3D forms from different angles. Using KeyShot early in the concept phase has helped us set our design targets sooner for how the product will look in production by making it easier for Product Management and Marketing to visualize concepts with a greater degree of confidence.”