“Good products deserve good communication.” That’s the motto of Spingys, a technical design and advertising agency based in Germany. Since 1994 the company has provided the technical illustrations needed to convey value and meaning to customers. Founder Robert Spingys, who also runs the company Piyola, shares how KeyShot helps his teams do their best work.

Modeling software used: Rhino, Blender

What sparked your interest in product design and 3D rendering?

The magic of staging things that don’t exist. When I started to finance my product design studies with hand illustrations, the first software for modeling and rendering came on the market. Suddenly it was possible to create true photorealistic renderings without a product; it felt like magic. You sit in front of a monitor and watch an illusion being created pixel by pixel. That magic has remained to this day.

What’s unique about the approach you and your company bring to a project?

Simplicity. Every image has a goal and a message, even a simple packshot. Therefore, we first determine the goal and the statement before we create the visual. The realization is then solid craftsmanship. KeyShot is a tool we like to use, along with photography, film and illustration.

Can you share with us some examples of projects where your team uses KeyShot?

Through Piyola, we offer high-quality product renderings as an online image service. For example, we create high-quality packaging packaging visuals, which we call packshots, based only on our customers’ label printing data. The basis for this is our extensive database with various packaging packs as 3D objects. With KeyShot, the packshots are then rendered on the “assembly line.” Of course, we also use KeyShot for many other tasks that arise on a daily basis, including complex retouching of real images and rendering, visualizations of technical contexts.

How has KeyShot helped your company save time, money and improve quality?

The whole package of KeyShot is very easy to use. The training is much shorter and more intuitive compared to other render solutions; it feels more like a photo studio. The shorter render times leave more time for lighting, which in turn improves quality. Big kudos to KeyShot.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in doing what you do?

Start simple. A good picture is created in the mind, the rendering is “only” the visualization.

See more at Spingys.com and Piyola.de