Ovie has launched one of the most innovative new home products, taking on a challenge many may not even think about – food storage. It’s brought intelligence to food storage and they’re using KeyShot to communicate the design. We caught up with Dave Joseph, Co-Founder and CDO at Ovie Smarterware, to learn more.


Modeling software used: SOLIDWORKS

What sparked your interest in Industrial Design (ID) and lead you to Ovie?
My interest in ID started when I was in high school. At the time I loved building with LEGO and drawing. At a fateful Thanksgiving dinner, a family friend of mine asked what I was planning on studying in college. Having no real idea, I told him that I wanted to study “LEGO and drawing”. This family friend just happened to be president at Herbst LaZar Bell. He took me to see the studio at HLB and I was hooked. Turns out Industrial Design is basically a permutation of the things I like doing with my time.

During my years as an ID professional, I put my heart and soul into every project and problem that came past my desk. I love taking up a challenge and seeing the solution take focus as I get closer and closer. I began to realize that if I wanted to fully realize the success of a design I needed to see it through to the very end-up to the moment a consumer runs their fingertips along the parting lines. I started Ovie, in some way, to experience first hand every step from muse to parting lines.

Ovie SmarterWareWhat’s unique about the approach you take to a project?
When I approach a project, I take every known element, break it down, spread it out laterally, and search for unique ways of connecting the dots. I believe this allows me to see the bigger picture before going down any one path.

Where in your process is KeyShot used?
One unique way I use KeyShot is as an analysis tool. Periodically, during the build of a model, I will dump the file in KeyShot to see how the proportions look or how the surfaces resolve. I also use KeyShot to produce renderings to share my ideas on design directions with the team. These are quick renders created in KeyShot and a great way to communicate an idea internally. Lastly, I use KeyShot to create renderings for external presentations as well as web content.

What are some projects you have used KeyShot on?
I have used KeyShot ever since I was a student at MIAD, so the list of projects I’ve used KeyShot on is extensive. I used KeyShot at Essential, UICO, Contigo, and LUNATIK. I use KeyShot on all of my freelance work as well as everything I do at Ovie. KeyShot was integral in the design and sharing of Ovie Smarterware.

KeyShot’s ability to quickly apply materials and light a scene makes it a perfect tool for communicating design intent at any point in my process.”

Overall, how has KeyShot helped save time, money and/or improve quality?
KeyShot’s ability to quickly apply materials and light a scene makes it a perfect tool for communicating design intent at any point in my process. The speed and realism of KeyShot let me rapidly explore realistic CMF options as well.

Ovie SmarterWare

What advice would you give to others interested in doing what you do?
Start working on your craft. You can do that in a lot of different ways. Get some paper and start putting your ideas down on it. Get some free-to-use software, head over to youtube, and start working through tutorials. Enroll in an online course. Enroll in a 4-year college program. The best piece of advice I can give is this. No matter what path you choose, never let your self-doubt or hangups stop you from pushing forward. For the very thing in you that makes you want to start in the first place will, at times, make you want to quit. Just don’t quit.

Ovie SmarterWare

Ovie SmarterWare