Which Schools are Using KeyShot?

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We love our schools and we love supporting the educational programs. We constantly see an array of talented students creating stunning images with KeyShot. A lot of these are semester projects or final assignments where the students have little time or training to turn out some results. And the result many times are absolutely impressive. Here are some of the latest schools that have adopted KeyShot and a couple examples and how it’s being used..

Which Schools are Using KeyShot?

Here are just a few of the schools which are using KeyShot. Does your school use KeyShot? Let us know!

  • University of Oregon
  • Western Washington University
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Philadelphia University
  • Corona Unified School District
  • Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design

The summer term has just wrapped up at the Art Center College of Design and even in this short amount of time, students were busy completing projects. Eric Bauer teaches a 5th term “3D Digital 5” class and provided these images from the class’s final assignment.

Eric Edward Kim designed a new segment Jeep vehicle and sourced his own HDRI to use in KeyShot.

Bo Sung Yoon was part of a Freightliner sponsored project and designed an interior for a future vehicle.

After having been taught Autodesk Showcase, Luxion KeyShot, and RTT DeltaGen, these two students decided to use KeyShot to render their final assignments. (It’s up to the students to decide which tool to use for their final project once they’ve demonstrated a satisfactory skill level in all three programs.) They preferred it for it’s ease of use, but both wished it offered more control over lighting and shadows to minimize photoshop retouching.

Great rendering and great input from a couple of exceptional students. And about the lighting and shadow control, just wait till you see KeyShot 3 guys.

Interested in bringing KeyShot into your school? Check out our special on Educational licenses of KeyShot.

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