Updated Pro/E, Creo and Rhino Plugins for KeyShot

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When you’re out reaping beautiful renderings in the field, you may look up toward the light and catch a glimmer of enhanced functionality flying toward you. That would be an updated plugin or three coming at you with the full speed of extended KeyShot 4 capability. As you know, we updated the plugins for SolidWorks, Creo and Rhino with the KeyShot 4 release, introducing Live Linking for all three, along with Mechanism import for Creo and Pro/ENGINEER models. (See What’s New in KeyShot 4 here.) We’ve made several additional updates to the KeyShot plugins for Pro/E, Creo and Rhino that are available immediately for download here.

KeyShot plugin updates

KeyShot for Creo & Pro/ENGINEER 2.0
The new 2.0 version of the KeyShot plugins for Creo and Pro/E have been posted.

  • Updates for mechanism export
  • Updated instructions for Live Linking with KeyShot 4
  • Bug fixes

KeyShot for Rhino
The new 1.3 version of the KeyShot plugins for Rhino has been posted.

  • Updates for model transfer
  • Bug fixes

A Note on KeyShot 2 Plugins

With these updates, we will discontinuing the support of all plugins for KeyShot 2 as well as the plugin for Pro/E Wildfire 3. KeyShot 3 plugins are still available as well as the updated and enhanced plugins for KeyShot 4. All KeyShot plugins for 3ds Max, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks and SketchUp can be downloaded for free on the KeyShot plugins page.

Image:Paolo Zago, Modeled on Creo, Rendered in KeyShot.

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