Rock That Lighting. KeyShot HDR Light Studio Step-by-Step

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We’ve been featuring some free jewelry resources as well as showing a lil’ jewelry animation on the blog lately, but we can’t leave out this KeyShot HDR Light Studio step-by-step, by the good people over at Lightmap, that takes you through the process of lighting jewelry. Don’t worry though, it can apply to lighting up other items as well. Prepare those Gamma settings.

KeyShot HDR Light Studio Step-by-Step

I’ve been working with the new HDR Light Studio Live plugin over the past week and, I have to tell you, it’s like spreading warm buttery light over your KeyShot scene like warm buttery butter. The step-by-step they put together is a quick walkthrough that shows the ease of using the Live plugin and just how easy light adjustment inside KeyShot can be. Here are a couple of my favorite bits from the guide.

Now, you MUST check out the rest of the step-by-step. Those images above show the final results, but the guide will take you through the rest, including KeyShot settings, Color set up, light choice, position and fall off settings. A great

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