Quirky is Hiring… and They Need a KeyShot All-Star

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Ok, it doesn’t exactly say ‘KeyShot All-Star”, but if you want to work for one of the coolest companies in the known world (other than Luxion) and you’re a rock star Industrial Designer that knows your SolidWorks and your KeyShot, then this job is it. Quirky is a social product collaboration site that allows people to take part in the entire product development process, plus get paid to do it. They are headquartered in New York City and you could be their next team member.

Senior Industrial Designer @quirky

The job description reads:

Quirky has begun to assemble the highest performing team in history, with a single, but ambitious vision:
With a process, environment, and organization where the realities and complexities of execution do not stand in the way of a good idea.

How does that sound? Oh, the part about the Industrial Designer? Among other attributes, like having the “ability to get sh*t done, and done extremely well”, you need…

BA (HONS) Industrial Design or equivalent
5+ years experience in product development
Possess outstanding form ideation and development
Have a sophisticated aesthetic and a knack for creating surprising moments
Strong problem solving and lateral thinking skills

Familiarity with KeyShot

yep, there it is. “Familiarity with KeyShot”, aka “KeyShot All-Star”. Interested? Get your portfolio together and Apply Here.

Pssst. Companies, designers and engineers all over the world are using KeyShot. Want to join them? Download KeyShot and go through a few quick tutorials. You’ll be up to speed in no time.

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Written By Josh Mings


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