KeyShot Hits the Cloud. LuSt, the First 3D Realtime Web Service Platform.

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We are absolutely ecstatic to announce our third piece of news coming out of SIGGRAPH 2012 this week and boy, is it a big one! We’ve teamed up with Sabertooth Interactive to bring you LuSt, the very first 3D realtime web service platform. This is a completely new way for you and others to experience 3D rendered content and explore product variations with the ability to change options, environment and views across any platform from desketop, server or cloud-based setup. Here are the details.

LuSt. 3D Rendering as a Service (3DRaaS)

With LuSt, you create product variations through selection of product options and environments you want to visualize. The image is created on demand and displayed. You can change environment, view and interact with 3D assets in realtime, with photographic quality. You’re able to create your own images from any location using PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or any Android based phones and tablets.

How does it work? There’s a server-side and a client side. LuSt is a 100% CPU-based solution, rendered from the server, displayed on your device. LuSt uses the Luxion render engine–incredibly fast and efficient–which equals low memory requirements and as many CPU’s as you want to throw at it. It supports Windows and Linux on the server side and on the client side can be extended using the LuSt API that’s based on open programming language standards.

Here are the features you’ll find:

  • Custom content development from any 3D data format
  • Plugin free viewing experience
  • Desktop, server or cloud based setup
  • 100% CPU based solution
  • High scalability (based on available compute power)
  • Multi-user option for collaborative model viewing
  • Support for internet security standards
  • Support for web browsers (IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Support for iOS and Android application integration
  • Server support for Windows and Linux

Right now, LuSt is a custom, turnkey solution with development, setup and maintenance available. Check out to contact us and receive the info about getting set up. Here are just a few shots of what LuSt looks like. You can see additional shots at

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Written By Josh Mings


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