KeyShot Helps Designers Put Product Concept On the Road to Startup Success

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There are a lot of ways to stack and store magazines, files, papers and, yes, even your tablet or mobile devices. Every once in a while a product concept comes along that adds a little style to the possibilities. Over the weekend we heard from Phil Renato, professor and Chair at the Kendall College of Art and Design, about two students in his Digital Modeling course who took on the odds to present their idea, the U-Turn.

A Concept is Born

The U-Turn is product born out of a weekend start-up camp and is now on its way to being funded through Start Garden. Luc Fewer is one of the creators of the project who used KeyShot to help visualize the concept in the short amount of time they had to create and pitch the idea.

My classmates and I came up with the idea using brainstorming techniques tailored to help us discover exciting, new opportunities no matter what area of interest. It happened at an event called Start-Up Weekend, where people get together on a Friday night to pitch ideas. After forming teams based on skill or interest in an idea, they collaborated until Sunday afternoon to turn the new idea into a business. We won the event and decided to take our idea to the next level, which brings us to our current investment opportunity at Start Garden.

KeyShot helped to showcase our idea and make it really “pop” in the presentation, causing it to standout almost immediately amongst the competition. In our constricted time frame, we had the ability to create a model in Rhino, “make it sexy” (as we often say) in KeyShot to quickly compile our business plan and presentation!

Here’s a look at the visuals they put together in a very short amount of time. You can help them out and Endorse U-Turn at their page on Start Garden. If their idea is chosen, they’ll move on toward getting more funding and turning their idea into an actual product.






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