KeyShot 6 Unveiled at PTC Live 2015

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This week, we are at PTC Live 2015 and today we unveil KeyShot 6 to share more about the new features coming to KeyShot 6. The attendees at the show will get a first look at the new version, but we’ve put together a new video that highlights some of the top features coming to KeyShot 6.

The highlighted features of KeyShot 6 include new lighting presets, real-time region rendering and multi-layer PSD output to improve workflow efficiency, expanded material features with the new Material Graph, label materials and material animation, and new capabilities to create scripts, edit geometry and quickly shift camera verticals. Animation features now include path, DOF and panorama animations while KeyShotVR is now optimized for interior VRs and responsive website design. A preview of these new features can be seen in the video below or at

In this preview:

  • Interior lighting mode
  • Materials on labels
  • Material Graph
  • Material Animation
  • Geometry Splitting
  • Realtime Region Render
  • Panorama Camera Animation
  • Pivot Point Object Axis
  • Fade Light Animation

Here is what some of our beta testers are saying.

“As an avid KeyShot user since Version 2, I feel this is the next big step for this amazing rendering program. The huge addition for me is the ‘Interior’ lighting mode. Even if you’re not planning on doing architectural visualization, you’ll appreciate the interior optimization for those product shots where lifelike daylight with graphic cast shadows produced from the surrounding environment is needed.”

Vitaly Bulgarov – Concept Designer

“The new Material Graph allows me to easily build complex materials and fine tune them as never before. At first I was put off by the Material Graph because Ive seen other render programs that use node-based material creation, and they look like a plate of spaghetti. But the KeyShot Material editor is not complex at all, and after building materials using nodes, I cant stop. Its so much easier to look at the Material Graph and see, at a glance, the inputs and modifiers that make up your material. Its much more efficient than clicking through tabs and trying to remember how the material was set up.”

Ed Ferguson – Cascadia Design Studio

“For anyone who overlooked KeyShot thinking it’s only for quick visual renderings, they will want to look again. With Keyshot 6, Luxion not only shows how fast rendering can be, they make a home at the top of the list for best rendering solution.”

Tim Feher –

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