From the Floor: 64 Cores and More at the Luxion Booth SIGGRAPH 2012

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It’s the last day of SIGGRAPH 2012 and we’ve had a blast demonstrating all the new technology, previewing the next version of KeyShot, meeting customers and showing what KeyShot is capable of. Come by the booth if you’re still around, but as the activities wind down, we wanted to give a special shout out to the people an companies that joined us in making this happen.

SuperMicro. KeyShot cranks the cores

If you’re wondering what software is capable of utilizing all available cores, or if your wondering how KeyShot handles the power, see the screenshot below. KeyShot is capable of using 100% of the CPU power you can throw at it. We’re demonstrating this on a build from Super Micro Computers. The rig is running 4 Sandy Bridge E5-4650 2.7 Ghz processors–8 Core Hyperthreaded–with 128GB of RAM. Quite beefy and definitely a site to see.


We were also delighted to have electric bike manufacturer and KeyShot customer, Brammo on site with their clutch-free, fabulously designed Enertia cycle, the 2010 Electric Motorcycle of the Year. It’s a beauty, 100% electric which lines right up with Luxion’s 100% CPU-based 3D rendering engine. Both efficient and amazing looking.


As you may know from our announcement yesterday, we have teamed up with Sabertooth Interactive to bring you the first realtime, 3D rendering and product configurator via the web, LuSt. Sabertooth was on site to help demonstrate the new service and wipe up the drool from people experiencing the beauty of live product variation.

That’s it from SIGGRAPH! Be sure to watch the blog, our Facebook page or Twitter for upcoming announcements on the next version of KeyShot and KeyShot 4 Beta!

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Written By Josh Mings


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