Artist Series: Zhelong Xu

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With the start of 2014, we’re starting a new spotlight on KeyShot users. Our Artist Series will cover KeyShot users in the CG industry, featuring the work the do using KeyShot of visualization throughout the process for film, tv and other media. To kick the series off, we talk with Zhelong Xu, an artist from the small town of JingDeZhen, China. He has become well known throughout the CG industry with a style he has refined over the years with inspiration from his town and teaching from his grandfather.

His work in ZBrush and KeyShot continue today and once he finishes modeling in ZBrush he brings the model directly into KeyShot. “Quality and speed comprise the most important things for artwork. KeyShot brings a perfect balance. You cannot imagine such a perfect tool a few years ago. I have used almost all the render software on the market–they all have their own characteristics, but are either complicated or slow–KeyShot is all realtime, and can meet the most demanding requirements on quality. On one hand, it is so simple, I do not even have to read any instructions–this is very important. On the other hand, the operation is very similar to taking photographs. The physical based lighting and the camera settings are just like taking a photo in the real world. KeyShot and ZBrush are best partners for me. Furthermore, the material system of KeyShot is very simple and effective, and can also be customized. The Pro version also let the artists use more passes for final artworks in compositing software. I will use it not only for my still artwork, but also for some character work in future. In short, KeyShot is just amazing for you to achieve best result using the least amount of effort.”

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