This challenge has ended! The winners will be announced soon. Please keep an eye out for other KeyShot challenges in the future!

The 2024 KeyShot Animation Challenge 

Bring your renderings to life! New capabilities in KeyShot make it easier than ever to make fun, eye-catching product animations, so this challenge is all about putting your 3D visuals into action. Make a KeyShot animation, using the Physics Simulation feature and/or Camera Keyframes, of up to 30 seconds. The more imaginative, the better!

Here’s how to participate:


Download and Install KeyShot

A free extended trial for use during the design challenge

  • Install and activate KeyShot
  • Start KeyShot, select ‘Get a Trial’, then Next
  • Login with/get a KeyShot Cloud account
  • Select ‘Activate with a Trial Code’
  • For Trial Code, enter KSANIMATE24, then Finish

Important: Challenge Requirements

  • Make sure your animation is 30 seconds or less.
  • Render your file in 1080p.
  • Finalists will be required to send their KeyShot .ksp file, so be sure to save that in a safe place!

Share Your Animations!

Submit your entry by uploading and sharing your animations on Instagram. Use the hashtag #KeyShotAnimation.

Challenge begins: February 8, 2024
Challenge ends: March 31, 2024

Helpful Tips

Learn about Physics Simulation and Camera Keyframe animation on the KeyShot YouTube channel. You can also dig into the KeyShot Manual.

Need a model? Choose from thousands of models on KeyShot Cloud – just click the cloud icon to the bottom left of the toolbar.

The Judges

Karim Merchant

Senior Industrial Designer & Creative Specialist

Reza Tari

Marketing Design Manager

Jordan Doane

Creative Support Specialist

The Prizes

Gold Prize

  • KeyShot Pro Subscription + KeyShot Web Subscription
  • Showcased on KeyShot blog, Social Media, Newsletter and KeyShot startup window
  • A Will Gibbons Masterclass
  • Access to KeyShot Farms Cloud Rendering service for 1 week (64-cores CPU or 1x RTX4090 GPU, $449 value)

Silver Prize

  • KeyShot Pro Subscription
  • Showcased on KeyShot blog, Social Media and Newsletter
  • A Will Gibbons Masterclass

Bronze Prize

  • KeyShot Pro Subscription
  • Showcased on KeyShot blog, Social Media and Newsletter


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Download KeyShot

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