Razor was founded in 2000 with the introduction of the original Razor kick scooter – an essential ride for every kid when growing up. The company has been providing wheeled products for decades now, and their new electric Razor scooter seeks to bring the original kick scooter into the modern age. KeyShot is an instrumental tool at Razor, as its product designers use the software to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Modeling software used: SOLIDWORKS
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At Razor, with KeyShot in hand, designer Derick Moreno has leveraged product vision both internally across departments and externally, directly to consumers. “KeyShot has become an indispensable tool at Razor as we utilize it in every aspect of our process and product cycle,” says Ian Desberg, VP of Design & Development. “KeyShot renderings propel products through development phases, helping us make decisions and communicate them back to our organization. Whether it’s used for internal presentations that support our Sales and Marketing groups or as imagery and animation for packaging or online product pages, KeyShot helps Razor Design and Development move fluidly through the development cycle. It makes it seem as though anything is possible.”

“Razor uses KeyShot as a means of communicating conceptual ideas,” explains Derick Moreno. “We use renderings to convey requests to manufacturers overseas our design intent: lighting animations/effects of products used in our Light Show line of classics, as well as our desired color, material, and finish of each of our products. With KeyShot, we can dial in the exact Pantone color we would like to specify; how clear or foggy the plastic should look, and how plastic should diffuse LEDs as well as communicate special materials such as glitter or holographic stickers.”

KeyShot is an invaluable tool when working with collaborators. By using multi-material, we can quickly swap out colors and sticker configurations to quickly generate options.”

“In addition, KeyShot is an invaluable tool when working with collaborators. By using multi-material, we can quickly swap out colors and sticker configurations to quickly generate options. Product renderings have become a mainstay with our online and in-store imagery. Occasionally, a finalized sample from our manufacturer will not arrive in time for us to create assets for packaging deadlines; renderings have become the solution for those situations. Also, it is invaluable to keep the consistency of lighting and camera angle between different variations of the same product giving us a huge advantage over traditional studio photography.”

KeyShot played a unique role in the Icon Kickstarter project. “We developed a punchy commercial full of animations to generate hype and nostalgia around our new product,” says Derick. “By using high-quality, computer-generated animations, we were able to avoid using expensive camera equipment. While it was in development, we had an update to the shape of the rear brake fender. With a quick drag and drop, we maintained all the animations we had created up to that point and updated just that part of the scooter before rendering. This saved us from having to generate another manufactured sample; something that would cost us more time to create.”

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