As a self-employed Industrial and Product Designer, as well as a CG artist specializing in Industrial Archaeology and museum reconstructions, I depend on KeyShot from Luxion as my only rendering application for my SolidWorks CAD models.

Gould Studios
Modeling/CAD software used: SolidWorks

With KeyShot I can easily create high-end renderings for client presentations, brochures and marketing materials, and it has become a powerful value-added service. KeyShot will also render at a quality level appropriate for my large giclee gallery Fine Art prints. But most important is that the Luxion team has proven their dedication to creating a quality product, KeyShot, and always listens, and responds to, the very active KeyShooter community of users. Simply put, my business depends on KeyShot, and I feel it’s a trust they well deserve.

Bill Gould
Industrial and Product Designer/CG Artist