Juan Bautista is an industrial designer passionate about crafting sustainable products and systems that harmoniously connect with the environment and simplify lives. He graduated from University of Buenos Aires in 2021 and is based in Valencia, Spain. He works as a Design Director at Baggo, a holistic design and architecture studio dedicated to innovative, high-quality solutions that drive positive change.

Juan Bautista

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Modeling software used: Rhino

您是如何開始創建 3D 視覺效果的,您是如何學習的 KeyShot?  

I was always drawn to the idea of being able to imagine objects and then being able to materialize them. After one visit during school to my university I saw an industrial design expo where the students were exhibiting a car, a literal electrical car made by them. After that I was sold.


Some of my favorite projects are my CM16 AR Helmet, which I got to develop alongside some very talented people and where I could really explore the morphological aspect of a wearable device. The Tutofu project is also one of my favorites where we could develop a machine to redefine what vegetarian at home nutrition could look like.

您在流程中的哪個位置使用 KeyShot?  

I use KeyShot for two main parts of my process: for visual concept validation and CMF exploration. I find it that being able to take a look at an envisioned product in real time alongside a client makes it much more easy to align our ideas.

你最喜歡的是什麼 KeyShot 工具?   

My favorite Keyshot tool is the material graph. The possibility to explore different variations of products through this is amazing.


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