KeyShot Brand Guidelines & Media Kit

下載我們徽標和標記的向量 (.ai) 和游柵 (.png) 版本,用於以下某些用途。我們要求您尊重我們的品牌指南,不要以任何方式、形狀或形式更改徽標。


在使用 KeyShot 商標。堅持這些,你會很高興。


  • Use these files to refer to KeyShot.
  • Use the files as provided or request other size or formats.
  • Use these files when mentioning KeyShot in an article or in print.
  • Use these files to promote your KeyShot generated visuals.


  • Manipulate the logo colors.
  • Change the logo proportions.
  • Alter the logo’s orientation.
  • Add another type, design, or photographic elements to the logo.