Ben Robson is a freelance visualization and CGI artist, based Southampton UK. He studied product and furniture design in college, where he started exploring the world of visualization and CGI. After working with Liam Martin at Visune (Previously Momnt), he found exactly what he wanted to use his degree for.


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Modeling software used: Fusion 360, Solidworks, Blender

3Dビジュアルを作り始めたきっかけや、KeyShot をどのように学んだのですか?  

I started out at a young age constructing from card models, playing with Lego for hours and drawing. So I think it’s always been the way I use my time, designing.


My favorite projects so far, early into my exploration, have been working on interesting abstract scenes for clients that need to source that interesting uniqueness in design. The challenge it allows me to try to create something constantly different and eye-catching is what makes it the best.


I think my design philosophy has been to investigate the past to source the present and future. I think critically evaluating what we’ve done in the past is how we create something new from our mistakes.

KeyShot はどのような工程で使用されているのでしょうか? 

I use Keyshot to create my visual scenes, ideate concept designs and to creatively explore CGI.

KeyShot お気に入りのツールは?  

My main favorite tool to use is the material graph and multi-material graph. It’s an incredibly seamless tool that allows for easy custom material creation. The multi-material also allows for such ease to change the materials used on a single product, which speeds up my workflow when working with large numbers of client products and therefore images. 

I also love the real-time render view, in the way that it’s the main window into the scene. A lot of other software has you go through a lot of steps to be able to see your rendering, but KeyShot allows for the real-time view so you can create adjustments in a few clicks.


My main source for finding inspiration is through other people’s work. Whether that is in the form of photography, film, art, renderings, animation and designs. There’s always something to pick apart and find something new from other people’s amazing creations.

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