Experienced C++ Software Developer for 3D Computer Graphics

Zhenyi Wuu

Renderizado en KeyShot por Zhenyi Wuu.

Are you passionate about developing quality software for great products? With KeyShot, we are developing state-of-the-art 3D rendering software that make a real difference to high-profile customers – and we want you onboard!

The KeyShot application, developed wholly by KeyShot, is the world’s leading software product – no less! – for interactive photo-realistic visualization of products based on 3D CAD models. KeyShot is used by a variety of different user profiles in many compaines around thee world, e.g. Fortune 100 companies such as Google, Chrysler, Fossil, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Under Armour, Adidas and many more.

KeyShot is developed in C++ using the Scrum framework. Working in agile, cross-functional teams, we combine our customer-centric focus with our deep expertise in topics such as C++, Qt, and OpenGL as well as DevOps, image synthesis, parallel processing, real-time rendering, and computational geometry. We develop our software in 2-week sprints to deliver on one of our three yearly software releases.

Our development office is in Aarhus, Denmark, which is where you will work. Apart from the Aarhus office, KeyShot has sales, marketing, support and HR offices in Costa Mesa, CA, and in Germany.

La posición

As a new C++ software developer with KeyShot, you will join a team of 5-6 experienced C++ software developers. Your tasks will be focused on developing new core features for the KeyShot application, and on expanding our DevOps and build pipeline setups to ensure ever smoother, tighter automated development cycles and the very high software quality expected by our customers. All in cooperation with your team members and members of other development teams.


  • Experiencia (preferiblemente de más de 3 años) en el desarrollo de software en C++ moderno.

  • Una fuerte mentalidad de calidad hacia el desarrollo de software.

  • Experience with DevOps and build pipeline development.

  • Formación pertinente (licenciatura, máster o doctorado) en informática o ingeniería de software.

  • Excelente dominio del inglés técnico y conversacional, tanto escrito como verbal.

  • Experiencia con herramientas de proceso y desarrollo como Git, la suite Atlassian, diversas herramientas de prueba, etc.

  • Una mentalidad de desarrollo orientada al equipo, en la que el intercambio de conocimientos y la consecución de los objetivos del equipo sean lo primero

Furthermore, experience with 3D rendering, UI test tools (such as Squish), Python and/or Qt would be an advantage.


  • The opportunity to work in a company in which software development is in the very DNA of the company

  • Contribuir a un producto apasionante en el que las mejoras son visibles de inmediato.

  • Un entorno ambicioso y agradable con equipos y compañeros altamente cualificados, donde todos tienen voz y marcan la diferencia.

  • A culture built on trust, transparency and team spirit.

  • Una oportunidad de ampliar sus competencias técnicas y profesionales con un producto de muy alto nivel.

  • Salario competitivo y paquetes de prestaciones.

¿Le interesa?

For further information about the position, please contact Development Manager, Applications Troels Fedder Jensen on +45 4189 3091.

To apply for this position, please submit your CV to jobs-dk@keyshot.com and include a short summary describing why you are applying for this position.

Relevant candidates will be invited for interviews on an ongoing basis. Therefore, apply today, rather than tomorrow.