Experienced C++ Software Developer for Web/VR Computer Graphics (DK)


KeyShot ,由Zhenyi Wuu绘制。

Are you passionate about developing quality software for great products? With KeyShot and its companions, Web Viewer and KeyVR, we are developing state-of-the-art 3D rendering software that makes a real difference to high-profile customers – and we want you onboard!

The KeyShot application, Web Viewer and KeyVR, are developed wholly by KeyShot. These applications are the world’s leading software products – no less! – for interactive photo-realistic visualization of products based on 3D CAD models. KeyShot is used by a variety of different user profiles in many compaines around the world, e.g. Fortune 100 companies such as Google, Chrysler, Fossil, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Under Armour, Adidas and many more. Web Viewer and KeyVR expand the visualizations created in KeyShot to completely new realm, namely web and VR, respectively.

The applications are all developed in C++ using the Scrum framework. Working in agile, cross-functional teams, we combine our customer-centric focus with our deep expertise in topics such as C++, Qt, and OpenGL as well as DevOps, image synthesis, parallel processing, real-time rendering, and computational geometry. We develop our software in 2-week sprints to deliver on one of our three yearly software releases.

Our development office is in Aarhus, Denmark, which is where you will work. Apart from the Aarhus office, KeyShot has sales, marketing, support and HR offices in Costa Mesa, CA, and in Germany.


As a new C++ software developer with KeyShot, you will join a small team of C++ software developers. Your tasks will be focused on developing new core features for the KeyVR application and the Web Viewer platform, and help setting up and developing sub-systems and tools for those applications. All in cooperation with your team members and members of other development teams.


  • 具有现代 C++ 软件开发经验(最好 3 年以上)。

  • 对软件开发有强烈的质量意识。

  • 计算机科学或软件工程专业相关学历(理学士、硕士或博士

  • 出色的英语书面和口头技术和会话技能。

  • 具有使用 Git、Atlassian 套件、各种测试工具等流程和开发工具的经验。

  • 以团队为导向的发展思维,将知识共享和实现团队目标放在首位

Furthermore, experience with the following will be an advantage:

  • Emscripten and WebAssembly

  • 3D Rendering

    • Graphics APIs (WebGL 2, OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX)

    • Shaders (GLSL, HLSL)

  • Automated testing (unit tests, integration tests, etc.)

  • Python

  • Qt


  • The opportunity to work in a company in which software development is in the very DNA of the company.

  • 为一个令人兴奋的产品做出贡献,你所做的改进会立即显现出来。

  • 在这里,每个人都有发言权,每个人都能有所作为。

  • A culture built on trust, transparency, and team spirit.

  • 有机会通过一个非常引人注目的产品来提高你的技术和专业能力。

  • 具有竞争力的薪酬和福利待遇。


If what you read has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Send your application and CV to Troels Fedder Jensen (troels.jensen@keyshot.com) and be sure to reach out to Troels on +45 4189 3091 if you have further questions.