“KeyShot is becoming a beast of a system. I don’t mean that negatively at all. It’s moved from being focussed on a single task (static image rendering) to encompass animation and VR output.

And the team at Luxion is still consistently expanding its capabilities. What’s interesting is that this has been done without burdening the user with an overly complex interface and more commands to learn and relearn.

KeyShot 4.0 was a pretty big release, bringing a whole set of brand new tools — but this so called ‘point release’ also brings some pretty incredible tools to the table.

These aren’t unique to KeyShot, but that’s not the point. KeyShot is all about workflow and speed of getting the most photorealistic result you can — in a sensible and workable time frame that a professional design-led user demands.

Professional designers need rendering tools that aren’t all dialogs, knobs, slides and toggles. We need to get the data in, add the materials and have the system do the donkey work. For that, KeyShot wins every time.”

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