Luxion Releases KeyShot 11.2 – Includes Apple Silicon Support, Workflow Features, and Improvements

by | Jun 29, 2022

Costa Mesa, California, June 29th, 2022 - Luxion, a leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and maker of KeyShot®, the industry standard for 3D rendering and animation, today announced the release of KeyShot 11.2. This new version introduces eagerly anticipated features, including native support for Mac computers with Apple silicon (beta) plus several powerful new workflow capabilities and over 75 bug fixes. 

KeyShot 11.2 Feature Highlights – Faster Performance and Simpler Processes 

KeyShot 11.2 introduces native support for Apple silicon (including M2 and M1 Pro/Max/Ultra) allowing users with the new hardware to experience 15-30% performance gains in both rendering and overall usability (compared with x86-64 translation performance). 

KeyShot 11.2 features new support for Apple Silicon M1 graphics for increased flexibility and performance. 

The 11.2 version introduces a universal binary installation (beta) that runs natively on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers providing users the choice to take advantage of Apple silicon performance or the Intel option if any stability issues occur. For users with Apple silicon, KeyShot 11.2 will install two application packages, one for the previous Rosetta 2/Intel architecture and one for the new arm64/Apple silicon architecture. New analytics tools in KeyShot 11.2 enable the development team to monitor the stability and performance of the beta version before moving it into production full-time in the next release. Performance monitoring is captured without recording any personal user data, and the feature can be turned on or off in the KeyShot Preferences menu at any time. 

New Pantone 2022 colors, including the Pantone Color of the Year (Very Peri), have also been added to the KeyShot Color Library. 

Included alongside KeyShot 11.2, is a substantial update to KeyShot Web Viewer (available with a KeyShotWeb subscription). Web Viewer now provides added Studio support, enabling the use of switching between Environments and Cameras, improved transparent materials with support for absorption, reflections, and refractions, a new bloom effect, two-finger swiping to pan the camera, and improved material accuracy when baking (in some cases). 

New automation features for materials provide support for scripting material information data, the ability to use scripting to render CMF documents, as well as detection of headless and GUI-only features. 

Additional optimizations for working in scenes make it easier to adjust keyframe animations without interfering with the rendering in the Real-time View, retain Normals and UVs after Mesh Simplification, and improve quality when changing 3D Paint texture resolution. 

More 11.2 Features Include: 
– Improved performance when dragging and dropping materials onto objects in the Real-time View 
– Support of binary data in glTF 
– Native support in KeyShot for Onshape file import 
– New SketchUp and Cinema 4D plugins with Apple silicon support (requires 11.2) 
– Plus, over 75 bug fixes (full details


KeyShot 11.2 is available immediately for download and purchase at and through all certified KeyShot resellers. All KeyShot customers with active annual maintenance will automatically receive the upgrade to KeyShot 11.2. For questions on upgrades, maintenance, or to transfer your license to subscription, please contact For information and examples about the new features in KeyShot 11.2, please visit

KeyShot 11.2 is available immediately for download and purchase at  

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