Creo 4.0 Advanced Rendering Now Powered By Luxion’s KeyShot Render Technology

by | Nov 22, 2016

Tustin, California, November 22, 2016 – Luxion, a leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and maker of KeyShot®, the first real-time ray-tracing and global-illumination program for 3D rendering and animation, today announced, that the advanced rendering capabilities within PTC’s Creo® 4.0 software will be powered by Luxion’s KeyShot render technology.

With the upcoming release of Creo 4.0, users of Advanced Rendering (ARX) will have a new interactive real-time experience in the creation of product visuals.  Through this new solution, users can take advantage of this new product visual workflow that starts within the PTC Creo interface.

New visualization capabilities in Creo 4 ARX support KeyShot materials and direct import to KeyShot.

New visualization capabilities in Creo 4 ARX support KeyShot materials and direct import to KeyShot.

The real-time results and unmatched quality that KeyShot is known for are central to the new visualization capabilities within Creo 4.0. Through the real-time render view within Creo 4.0 ARX, users now have the ability to:

  • Apply physically accurate materials to parts and see the changes instantly
  • Apply textures and labels to parts quickly and easily
  • Apply environment lighting to view models in real-world lighting conditions
  • Set up unlimited camera views to quickly create a range of product shots
  • Continue design and geometry changes while viewing models with materials and lighting applied
  • Continue working on designs at a later date with materials and environment already defined
  • Transfer the scenes to KeyShot and continue working with advanced tools to create images for web, sales and marketing.

Through each of these, Creo 4.0 users are provided streamlined creation of product visual content with greater realism and faster results than ever before.  All visualization settings defined in the model will be automatically saved and can easily be leveraged by other users.  In addition, Creo ARX users with standalone versions of KeyShot can seamlessly transfer their models and visualization settings through the integrated LiveLinking Technology.  Once successfully transferred, users can utilize KeyShot’s advanced material editing, HDRI editing and creation using the patented HDRI-Editor, Animation, KeyShotVR™, and Network Rendering capabilities.

“PTC has an incredible focus on delivering the best design software with the strongest capabilities to their customers,” say Claus Wann Jensen, CEO and Co-founder at Luxion. “With our longstanding collaboration, Luxion is proud to be part of this focus, providing new capabilities to PTC Creo users in elevating the quality of their product visuals.”

“PTC is excited about the collaboration with Luxion and the launch of our new advanced rendering capabilities powered by the industry leading rendering software, Keyshot.” says Paul Sager, VP Product Management at PTC. “Users will now have an unmatched rendering experience allowing faster creation of product imagery throughout the product development cycle.”

The new visualization capabilities are immediately available with the release of Creo 4.0. More information about the capabilities may be found in the Creo 4.0 help documentation available online at Standalone versions of KeyShot may be purchased online at or through a qualified KeyShot reseller. For more information on KeyShot products and technology, please visit and follow Luxion on Facebook or Twitter.

About Luxion
Luxion is a leading developer of advanced 3D rendering and lighting technology including applications such as KeyShot and the Velux Daylighting Visualizer. KeyShot is the first real-time ray tracing application that uses a physically correct render engine based on scientific research in global illumination and material appearance. With a focus on making the creation of high-quality visuals from 3D data as simple as taking a photograph, KeyShot is recognized as the standard visualization tool for industrial designers and marketing professionals worldwide. Luxion’s customer list includes many of the Fortune 1000 and major industrial design companies including Chrysler, Fossil, Microsoft, Philips, Specialized, Whirlpool, and IDEO. For more information on KeyShot 3D rendering, animation and KeyShotVR, please visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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