Announcing the KeyShot for ZBrush Plugin

Update: March 2014 – For those looking for the ZBrush plugin: With new integration between ZBrush and KeyShot nearing completion and releasing with additional capabilities, the KeyShot GoZ plugin for ZBrush is no longer being distributed. The new functionality is currently in beta with the planned release coming soon. We’re really looking forward to bringing this integration to you. You will not be dissapointed.

We’re live at SIGGRAPH 2013 this week and excited to be featuring the latest 3D software integration with KeyShot, KeyShot for ZBrush. ZBrush users have requested a level of import that supports their workflow, visualizing concepts earlier in the process. This new plugin, based on Pixiologic’s GoZ application for the transfer of meshes, delivers all of that along with the ability to update the design inside KeyShot throughout the design process.

KeyShot for ZBrush

If you are a ZBrush user, previously, you had to import ZBrush geometry into KeyShot by exporting an .obj file. Now, with the new KeyShot for ZBrush integration, through the installation of the GoZ KeyShot plugin, you can import geometry while retaining SubTools, texturing and PolyPainting. You can update those models inside KeyShot through the KeyShot LiveLinking functionality. Here’s how it works.

After you install the GoZ plugin for KeyShot, select GoZ or All from the Tool menu inside ZBrush. This will transfer the current SubTool or all SubTools directly into KeyShot. When any changes are made to the geometry in ZBrush, select the GoZ or All button again to transfer any changes back over to KeyShot with all material, animation, environment, lighting and settings maintained inside KeyShot.

Image: modeled in ZBrush, rendered in KeyShot by Dominic Qwek.

  • Joshua

    truly great days we live in

  • Andrew Stoute

    This is just absolutely wonderful I love the idea. This was also done with 3Dstudio Max a wonderful idea.

  • leon teoh

    Oh,Thank God ! my dream come true ! this is so wonderful,wonderful !!

  • varek3d

    GIME GIME GIME!!! :)

  • Miguel

    I need this but for Mudbox!….. Will KeyShot also create a plugin for Mudbox ?
    Besides, good work.

    • Dangerous Joe

      No, because Mudbox sucks.

      • Agony

        Your knowledge around Mudbox sucks. Spare us from idiotic comments.

      • Y2K

        __if you know “how to use it”, then Mudbox is not sucks.

  • Pick-a-Name

    We need vertexpaint to translate to Keyshot! No more unwrapping! That would change everything

    • Thomas Teger

      Do you mean poly paint? If so, then yes, this is already supported.

  • Max

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Hrafn Áki Hrafnsson

    Can’t wait, can I get into the Beta Program – I have a Mac Book Pro Retina 16GB 750 SSD ZBrush 4r6 and Keyshot. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

    • bro hate

      cool story bro

  • varek3d

    Can you give us an eta?!? Or a beta?

  • Max

    when this plug is coming atleast give us a date month year plzzz

  • Daniel Holofernes

    I hope it will also include the possibility to render the image from exactly the same perspective as it appears inside zbrush (support for the zapplink feature, for example) so that I can make a composite from zbrush and keyshot renders! that would be awesome

  • Ray

    I hope this will be available in a few weeks because ZBrush to Keyshot is a big part of my pipeline!

  • Y2K

    __Yeah !! need this too for 3dsmax, Mudbox, Maya, etc. :D ….Give them all. and everybody will be happy :D

  • max

    please tell me the date when its going to launch

  • frinedly geek

    will this be for mac as well as pc?

    • Josh M

      yes, for both Mac and PC.

  • MG

    do you have an ETA?

    • Josh M

      Currently, we do not, but I’ll update this comment string as soon as it is known. We have been receiving a lot of great input from beta testers and as good as it is, we’re making sure it has the functionality needed for a public release. Thanks for your patience and excitement around this. Good things to come!!

      • MG

        Thanks Josh!

  • Van-Vuk

    What the hell hapend? late summer is long gone!!!

    • Josh M

      true, true! but good stuff ahead!

      • Van-Vuk

        Thanks dude…any screenshots or some tease? :-)

        • Josh M

          Keep an eye on what Dominic is doing

          He’s beta testing and the images on his site were done using the plugin.

          • Jovon Towns

            His work is amazing!

  • varek3d

    Summer is over, plugin please! please! please!

  • Daniel Holofernes

    I can´t wait any longer! I´m checking out this page almost every day. When will it finally be released? Also I still didn´t get an answer if it will be possible to match Keyshots camera angle with the one inside Zbrush. Anyway, I love Keyshot and hope in future releases you will also add stackable materials because artists don´t always need physically correct standard materials, it´s all about the look and ZBrushs material system may be totally incorrect and pretty weird but can give really amazing looking results for things like aliens etc. If I could do something similar in Keyshot, I´d sell my mother the the gypsies to buy a new update.

    • Josh M

      Don’t sell your mama! Really, good things ahead and the beta testing has just helped bring the plugin further along.

  • randy

    amazing!!! i cant wait, i have a question is it possible to polypaint the sculpt in zbrush en assign different matterial to the sculpt and then use goz to keyshot? does keyshot take the material aswell? i understand it gets the polypaint.

  • Bernardo

    how long??? :’( i want it :’(

  • Tarun

    Wow, Just what I wished For

  • Valek

    Whats happening? it is almost an whole year since you said next month? This is annoying! Dominic give us the freaking plugin allredy,you take it all for your self :-)

    • Josh M

      Thanks for your patience on this! The good news is that the plugin is in full-on development and is even more incredible than mentioned above. More news to come!

  • matt

    WHEN-oh-WHEN? can we have a date please? you announced this ages ago.

  • matt

    I know that patience is a virtue, but gawd-almighty.

  • Marcello

    do we have an e.t.a yet?
    trying to be patient after seeing Dominic Qwek’s renders….. I feel the release date is close… maybe.. hopefully

  • David MacaroniParty Smith


  • Jeremy Wilson

    Has there been any movement toward a release for this plugin?

  • Mark

    anything information on the plugin release date yet????? anything at least a little bit of info

    • Josh M

      It’s in full-tilt development and it’s even more integrated and even more impressive that when we first debuted it. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Max

    Seriously guys are u uploading the plugin of zbrush to keyshot or still have to wait :(

    • Josh M

      You’ll have to wait for now! The ZBrush integration is in development and will be releasing with additional capabilities. You won’t be dissapointed!

  • mimo

    So where is the plugin? why zbrush 4r6 and keyshot 4.2 pro doesn’t have any integration?

    • Josh M

      patience, patience. we’ve added some additional info up in the post. Integration is happening and will be coming with even more capabilities.

      • mimo

        Thanks to your answer according to TBA I believe that it comes along new zbrush R7 or whatever the name is
        needs to be more patient

  • Dunecat

    when is coming?

  • AngryAsHell

    That’s it,i am making my own,plugin…

  • jub

    i believe this plugin will be so awesome. the wait is killing me softly………

  • LionArts

    Will the GoZ Plugin support FiberMesh/Hair/Fur or exported Curves for hair, fur, and grass-like foliage? Also, have you guys thought about BPR-Geo functionality, or if it would be possible? FiberMesh support’s a rather big factor for me
    and would obviously be an awesome addition! Thanks for the reply Josh! ;)

    • Josh M

      Hey LionArts. Yes indeed, complete support for FiberMesh is there :)

  • Daniel Holofernes

    I really hope it’s not going to be July 2015 until it finally comes out of Beta. Maybe you should think about dropping some features and add them later on. I really don’t need full fiber support, for example and I’d also be more satisfied with a simple transfer at a specific subdivision level instead of waiting forever in hope of using billion polygon models with dozens of subtools and live polypaint updates. But if that´s what I`ll get (pretty soon maybe????) then it was sure worth the wait.

    • Josh M

      More the latter ;-)

  • Manuel Cordova

    Is there beta testing for the public?

    • Josh M

      Not as of yet. It is currently in private beta though.

  • Jubius

    Still no plugin yet. Why!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    So er..the end of the year is tomorrow? still on target for that?

    • Ted

      I heard on cgsociety that its scheduled to release in late winter/early spring 2014. Might be just a rumour though.

      • Matt

        Hi Ted, thanks for that.
        Another 3 months eh?.. well let hope that it’s just a rumour. That would mean the announcement for the plug-in was almost 8 months premature.

  • AngryAsHell

    I give up, so unprofessional of you!!! Happy new 2014

    • Ted

      Oh, you’ll be back. Just like everyone else. Where else would you go?

  • randy

    wohooo before end of the year? were is it!!!

    • Ted

      They’ve recently upped their game by adding some very impressive plug-in compatibility features. Naturally, a delay like this may occur. I think at this point its best to wait as I doubt they need reminding to release it once its done.

      • randy

        and that is? what are the impressive plugin compatibility

  • Frank

    can we get any more in depth information about why its taking this long? And why all the silence about it?

    • Antoine Collignon

      Yeah, it pisses me off… They released the plugin for some “private” member, the plugin is working good but they don’t release it yet. So-Frustra-Ting.

      • Josh M

        I do apologize we haven’t been able to released more information, but stay tuned. It’s because it’s much more than a plugin now. Details coming.

        • Antoine Collignon

          Why don’t you guys release it as open beta state ?
          There is so much people flooding z-brush forums with this

          • Josh M

            Yeah, this is because the structure of the beta program. It’s a tad more involved than making it available for general download. You’ll see the testers posting results soon on the z-brush forums. After this, release will come.

          • friendlygeek

            Josh, can you give a real ETA?

  • Antoine Collignon

    This is so frustrating. KeyShot is an amazing piece of render software but only some people got that plugin. Why not release it as “open-beta” state ?

  • BU


  • Federico Catini

    how many more years we have to wait?

  • could someone give us any info

    Could someone give us any Information???

  • No one will give us info

    I got this feeling… then next zbrush version has to come out first? or my worst fear we have to pay for it. We can ask questions till we blue in the face but I doubt any moderator of this site will give a straight answer… that’s where the annoyance come’s in I guess. All we can do is wait, and hope that it is as great as they say it is.. it better be.

    • Elsie Paroubek

      “it better be”
      What you going to do….unfriend them on facebook?

  • churl

    Is it going to be the new Internal zbrush renderer?

  • Ted

    this is sad……some proper information would be nice. Instead of..”its coming soon”, “its in development” or “you’ll see the testers posting results soon on the z-brush forums. After this, release will come.” seen the testers posted across many sights and forums and blogs……. so what now? do we have to pay for this? keyshot already cost’s an arm leg and the rest of the torso…anyway no use ranting

  • Jeremy Wilson

    Seeing more and posts on ZBrush Central with Keyshot renders. Does this mean we’re getting closer?

    • Josh M

      It does indeed.

      • Jeremy Wilson

        Awesome news! See the results people are getting over at ZBC is really exciting.

      • Ted

        but how close?? days?? weeks?? months??

      • S.R. Krieger


        • S.R. Krieger

          Sorry Josh M, but you dude are really pissing me off with your fogy informations, this is least I can do to feel any better

        • Dave

          bit harsh?

  • Dave

    ohmygod I’m soooooo bored of visiting this page. Just effing release it already.

  • Thiago

    Hi, this is a suggestion.. ok, so,

    1. Pixologic say they made Zbrush interface “for the artists”, very sadly, the results really sucks.. It is pretty counter-intuitive for most normal people.

    2. Cause, some people still work on a 2011 notebook with 1366×768 resolution and its hard to scroll down menus with a tablet in Zbrush. Their internal render does not even gives resolution output choices. Besides many little GUI fails. Sadly, because they want to make things better but really does not worked out well for most users.

    3. On the other hand Keyshot, has an uncluttered, clean, EASY to use interface. SO, PLEASE, don’t implement weird Zbrush thingies or strange GUI elements.

    4. Also, it always feel like hitting a wall, when you change from 3D apps with different camera controls. Please take a look at the 3D modeller “Wings 3D”, in the preferences they let you choose between 3ds MAX, Maya, Blender, etc, camera modes. If keyshot has some integration like that about camera modes that would be awesome!

    5. Sometimes it feels like developers strive to make different camera controls from every single other 3D app, its really crazy and sad that people don’t comunicate…

    6. Anyway, thank you for reading, I wrote all this for the best to the artists out there.


    • Josh M

      Great feedback Thiago, thanks! I feel the same about camera controls between software.

      • Thiago

        You are welcome, I’m glad to help :)

  • Gong Rc


  • jerry

    How much is this going to cost? Anyone?

  • Ted

    Hi. When roughly? I’m ready to buy.

  • Disgruntled

    This was announced in June 2013, it’s now nearly April 2014. THis is unacceptable. If you announce a plugin which will benefit a whole community and don’t release it 9 months later. you shouldn’t have announced it in the first place. You’ve released version after version of Keyshot since the announcement but a simple plug in is taking this long? Unacceptable. Really unacceptable.

    • Agreeance

      I agree, this is utterly painful. I still check this page literally daily and honestly don’t know why.

      • Agreed with all

        the fact that no information is released what so ever, is what’s unprofessional, if the community is not going to get an explanation to why this awesome plugin is not released a formal apology on the main keyshot header and on zbrush forums would help a bit… but I guess we wont get that too.

        • Josh M

          I know it’s been a while and is difficult to wait for this. We are anxious for it to release as well. The first paragraph above is updated when new information is available, but we can’t release final specifics as of yet. Thanks for your patience.

          • friendlygeek

            Just give a real ETA and that will suffice

  • Dave

    “We are no longer distributing the GoZ plugin for ZBrush” What do you mean? You’ve never released the Goz Plugin. Is this some kind of Joke?
    Unless you’re talking about the private Beta which 99% of us don’t have… To sum up: 7 months of waiting, and now this…. I for one (and I don’t think I’m alone here) think this is an absolute shambles. NEXT time, do us all a massive favour and don’t waste our time with an announcement like this… just keep it to yourself.

  • Dave


  • V-RED is awesome

    Ah well, 8 months of waiting gone down the tubes – one thing I won’t miss is seeing this page every week. Keyshot,.. great software but this is very, very, BAD. Make a big fuss about your Goz plug-in for ZB and then – oh sorry yeah, not doing that anymore. Pretty shocking really, I can only imagine you’re team of developers are a bunch of cabbages and had you contracted this out to a proper developer in the first place, none of this would of happened. Mind you, you shouldn’t have said ANYTHING about the plug-in until you were sure the developers could actually handle it.

    • Josh M

      The dev team could handle it, and did so quite well. The early users can attest to this. Please understand, the functionality is not going away, it is just being implemented differently with more capabilities ZBrush artist have requested. In other words, you will not need the plugin any longer.

      • Ted

        Well, that’s better than a plug-in. When do you expect these new integration features to be integrated?

  • B.M. Sorgenlos

    Hmm, this is getting crazy now. So you are no longer distributing the plugin but you are still developing the plugin? You didn´t release the plugin in almost a year, so how can you stop distributing it? And why say you continue developing it and will release it “soon” when you also say, you just stopped distributing it? I´m really confused, this is sad. Just give me a quick and easy method to transfer meshes into keyshot, even without polypaint or anything else, just a quick way to transfer several subtools, nothing more and I´ll forget about everything you did to me and other customers during the last year.

  • Krieger