Product Design is Facing a Productivity Crisis.

“Slow render speed to final output.” is the #1 ranked challenge by industrial designers. With KeyShot, we can help you easily reduce the downtime without the cost of hardware upgrade.

Have you ever struggled to meet productivity demands?

You’re not alone.

In a 2023 survey of over 2,000 industrial designers:

And many of those 2,000 industrial designers said their rendering software is not up to the task.

We asked them to compare 8 popular 3D rendering software options:

…And they ranked KeyShot #1

Speed to Final Rendering

Quality of Output

Easiest to Use

Easiest to Learn

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How KeyShot
Powers Your Creativity

Start in Minutes

With a super-intuitive user interface all you need to do is upload your model and get going.

Step 1: Upload your 3D model
Step 2: Add colors, materials, and finishes
Step 3: Set up your camera and lighting

Easy Import & Export

KeyShot connects seamlessly with your preferred 3D software.

  • Import 30+ file formats
  • Export files for design, plublishing, manufacturing, and more
  • Free plugins with one-click loading
  • Stay synced across applications with LiveLinkingTM

Work Faster Than Ever

KeyShot ‘s powerful render engine that works on today’s modern computers.

  • Use CPU and GPU rendering
  • See changes update instantly
  • No expensive hardware upgrade required


We requested an honest assessment of KeyShot’s capabilities from mechanical engineer and 3D designer, Hossein Alfideh.

Here’s what he had to say:

Want even more power? We’ve got you covered.

Reduce rendering times and increase your output with KeyShot Network Rendering. This low-cost upgrade is easy to set up, and there’s no limit to the rendering power you can create.

  • Offload your rendering jobs
  • Increase processor efficiency
  • Render 2x, 6x, 10x, 20x faster – it’s up to you

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Interested in More Speed?

The rendering power you can utilize to create is unlimited. To purchase the correct number of cores, we suggest consulting briefly with our sales team. We’ll ensure you don’t purchase too many or too few and help you get set up.
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