• Caterpillar

    "By utilizing KeyShot, the Caterpillar Industrial Design team members are able to create convincing visuals to set that expectation for a machine’s vision, branding, and execution into production."

  • Orbus

    KeyShot is a critical software for Orbus and enables the company to continuously innovate, enhance and evolve its appearance of tradeshow exhibit and display products and solutions.

  • Lenovo

    "KeyShot helps us portray exactly what we want to see and it makes our process much more efficient."

  • MakerBot

    KeyShot has helped us make the right decisions for our products from the first day of concepts to the day parts are sent out for tooling.

  • Nimble Scooters

    "KeyShot made a huge difference in the way we interacted with our designs through the ability to visualize solutions and spot mistakes earlier, leading to a more complete prototype."

  • Canary

    KeyShot helped us evaluate design details by creating photo-real images of different options. This gives us a more realistic idea of what the final design will be like.

  • Ganz Einfach GmbH

    "On an average day I'm expected to model, shade, light and post process five shots of one new product--It would be impossible to do without the use of KeyShot."

  • GE Healthcare

    "KeyShot's ability to help communicate our design vision has enabled richer design discussions with patients and medical professionals, allowing us to experiment and push the medical industry forward."

  • Werk-M

    "With KeyShot, you get an immediate impression of the product as you modify the settings, while at the same time creating stunning renderings similar to a photo studio."

  • JogAlong Stroller

    "KeyShot helped increased the number of design iterations while shortening the overall process."