• John Seymour

    "Seriously, what other commercial render engine allows you to give a client a 2K sample render at full quality with GI in under one minute? I would be hard pushed to think of another. To me that says it all."

  • Nils Piirma

    "KeyShot's CPU-based rendering is high performance with lower cost--no fancy CUDA cores, XEON PHI's, Tesla cards needed--just as many CPU cores as you can throw at it."

  • Ryan Love

    KeyShot takes a lot of the guess work out of the technical aspects of rendering and allows me to focus on materials, textures and lighting...  The drag and drop setup of KeyShot has sped up my workflow and allows me to quickly turn my ideas into reality.

  • Jared Krichevsky

    Being able to add dramatic lighting in my renders really helps sell the story, so I love being able to use geometry and apply it as a light, or use the interior lighting settings in KeyShot for more complex situations.

  • Darko Markovic

    "When I open KeyShot, I am literally presenting the concept to myself. It makes me faster and smarter. It's the speed and efficiency in the process that other renderers can't even touch."