• Jolyon Wardle

    KeyShot is lightning fast in comparison to other big name renderers I have used before. I find KeyShot's CPU-based rendering, that can use all cores and threads, faster than any unbiased GPU-based renderers.

  • Arian Shamil

    "KeyShot is really powerful, but extremely intuitive and simple to use. The interface is clean, but very detailed. You have a simple settings, but with tools like the Material Graph editor, advanced tools to do even more."

  • Fuad Quaderi

    With KeyShot, you can select and use so many useful materials and environments in just few seconds, and have results in just a few more seconds.

  • Matt Thorup

    "KeyShot is the best tool to have. For an artist like myself to be able to quickly set up a scene with lighting just the way I want, while also having an amazing preview of my final render, saves me hours and hours of time and also takes away a lot of guess work when it comes to rendering."