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My Aventador Render
« on: November 09, 2014, 01:23:23 pm »
Hello everyone!
This is my first post and I’m very much excited to see all those renders submitted in this thread. Keep them coming guys! :D

I have been working in Keyshot on a Dual core 2 machine (yes it’s pretty outdated but it’s the only machine I have now) and I’m planning to upgrade it by next year. The best part is that Keyshot works flawlessly in older systems like the one i have now and the worst part is which is obvious, that it takes very long time to render like 4-5 hours or more to render a single 1920x1080 image. Been learning a lot since the last few days and I guess I’ve have learned a lot now.Wow...Thanks to the Keyshot team for giving me this opportunity and honestly speaking, Keyshot is really an amazing software to learn and also fun to work with.

I did these renderings of my Aventador model which was modeled in Maya long time back. The Post process and compositing was all done in Photoshop. Thank you all! Enjoy the renders. :)