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long extrusions import issue

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I'm still on 4.2.35 .. if going to 4.3 solves this, let me know, I'll upgrade as soon as I can ..

Other (smaller) parts import just fine.  It's the long aluminium extruded profiles it's got issues with when importing from Inventor (2014).

No matter what tesselation I set on import, doesn't help any.

Chad Holton:
Hey Philippe,

Would you care to share that inventor file (or any other with the same exact issue)? If so, please send to [email protected]


Newer versions of rhino do this with extrusions, it's annoying. Iv found if I explode the surfaces on extrusion geometry it imports ok.

Worth a try?

Explode surfaces ... don't think I can in Inventor .. or upon import to KS.

Ow, thnx for moving this to the right thread mods!  Sorry 'bout that...

Are you able to adjust the part tolerance or part accuracy in Inventor prior to exporting?  In ProE for example, especially on smaller parts, but also large parts with fine details, I'll adjust the part to a finer accuracy prior to export, whether to an .stl file or KeyShot, and I'll get more triangles with better definition on the smaller details.


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