Author Topic: Custom HDZ from HDRI editor, saved, but when reloaded, some pins are missing.  (Read 2530 times)

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Apologies if this bug is reported elsewhere, I did a brief search first, could not find a similar post for this issue I'm having.

I'll try my best to explain the issue.

So I have been using the HDRI editor inside Keyshot 5.1 to add pins (some are emitting light, while others are setup to block lights from the environment.)
Once I've gotten everything where I like it, I go to save the HDZ file. No problems there.

However, when I go back to open that HDZ file in another file, or even sometimes in the same file as before, I run into an issue.

The thumbnail looks like what I had saved, and the lighting looks correct in the viewport, however, if I go to open the HDRI editor, there are a number of pins missing from the list, as if they don't exist.

In the HDRI editor, they're missing in the environment view, however, in the thumbnail (under environment), clearly my pins are there. I just can't see/edit/turn on/off in the HDRI editor. Very confused.
Also very frustrating because some of these pins take a while to setup and get correct, and I'd like the ability to go back and edit them if needed.

I'm using a PC with some beefed up specs. So I don't think the performance of the machine is the issue, just some kind of odd bug.

If anyone has any ideas of what to try, or let me know if I'm missing something, please don't hesitate to help me out! I'm at a loss here.

Thank you very much!

Offline DMerz III

Quick Update.

I forgot to mention that originally, in the HDRI editor, there were quite a few pins made, most of them were turned off. But I wanted to keep them in there just in case.

Since my originally post, I've tried deleting most of the pins that were not being used in an effort to make the HDZ file smaller? (more manageable by the program?).
Either way, not sure if this has solved my problem. It might have for the moment, will need to report back after I've gotten some work done at my current state.

Wondering if there are a limited # of pins the program can handle, and thus when the HDZ file was being saved, eliminated some pins in order to save the file.

Again, if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

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Would you mind sharing a sample .hdz file in which this issue is reproducible?

There shouldn't be a limit to number of pins. About how many are in your file? What type of pins are you using i.e. pin, copy pin, image pin?

Is the .hdz being referenced by a saved Veiwset?