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What I'd Like To See...
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:30:35 am »
Hey There

Here's the 3 things I'd love to see in KeyShot that would make a very pleasurable experience even more so...

1. Depth Map creation - so I can export a DOF free image from KeyShot and then use a 3rd party plug-in (DOF Pro, Photoshop) to apply it...

2. Windows Explorer Shell Extension To Display Scene Previews - pretty self explanatory.... so in a Windows thumbnail view i can see  a visual representation of my KetShot scenes

3. More properties for Ground Reflection - IOR / Roughness etc... so I don't have to import a studio backdrop which is deceptively cumbersome to place correctly...

Thats about it really, with any luck these might appear in KeyShot 5... ;-)