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Keyshot hangs when importing another BIP

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I have a model I am trying to import another model into, but when I try the importer says "Setup" and hangs right around the 60-70% mark. I've let it sit for 1-3 hours (multiple attempts) and it won't progress. I can open both BIPs on their own and they work fine, but for some reason importing the one into the other doesn't. Both files originated in Creo 4 and were sent to Keyshot 8 using the appropriate plugin. The one I'm trying to import has materials added to it, the other one does not. If I cancel the import, the process stops responding and the only way to advance is to force crash it by killing the process. Processor usage during this time seems to hang right around the 6.1-6.3% for the Keyshot process tree

Just my own frustrated rambling here, but it seems like KS is terribly inefficient at importing its own native file type. In many cases, it seems I can import raw Creo or Catia files more quickly than it can import a BIP.

More rambling again, but why does it seem that Keyshot can't use more than 1 processor when opening/importing files? Is it a system or processor thing that I don't have enough knowledge of?? It always looks like one core is screaming and all the rest are sitting around 1-2%.

Keyshot 8.2.80 Enterprise
Keyshot/CREO plugin
WIndows 10 Enterprise
Intel XEON CPU E5-1660 V3 @ 3.00GHz
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Eugen Fetsch:

we had an almost identical issue saving BIPs after merging two scenes together. The bug was hidden in the file structure. The only way to find the issue is to ask KS support for help directly.


Bruno F:
Hello theAVator,

Thank you for posting this topic. It sounds like the BIP files might contain errors or "bad data". Do you get the same error if you swap the merging order (e.g. open BIP2 and import BIP1; as opposed to open BIP1 and import BIP2)?

In this case, I recommend importing each individual BIP file into an empty KeyShot scene. This will remove all of your environment settings and most errors within the BIP file itself.

How to remove errors in KeyShot BIP files:

* Launch KeyShot
* Click *Import* or *File > Import*
* Browse to your BIP and click *Open*
* Select "Import Scene" and confirm your import
* Re-create environment
* Save and close the BIP file
Please perform this procedure for both BIP files. Then, try to merge the BIP files once more.

If the issue persist, please try the followng:

1. Do not include cameras when you import (Import Settings dialog).
2. Make sure that the scene units are the same for both scenes.

How to Set Scene Units

If the issue persist, please provide me with both scenes saved as KSP files (File > Save Package) so that we can run a few tests.

Hello @ all:

In my experience (as a long time creo and KeyShot Consultant / user) it helped most times, when this issue comes up, are these simple steps:
- make sure that every creo part has the same unit system. (since creo 3.0 you can set the units from top level assembly to all subcomponents).
- export the bip with creo plugin
- open the exported (double click) in a new KeyShot instance. The import dialog will appear.
- use regular import options, but (what is important), always import the cameras from creo, neither you won't use it. 'Cause without you'll get weird position values like the a scale of 1000000 in XYZ, scale of 0 in general and different angle values in every direction. And reset will always get to this values.
- save the scene as a regular KeyShot scene
- close the KeyShot instance

Now it should be prepared to use it, or import it in another KeyShot scene without  that issues.

Hope that helps


Hi All,

I haven't had a chance to work through these suggestions as I'm working with Ian on another Keyshot issue that is more pressing. But I will give them a try when I get a chance.

I have not had good success with exporting from Creo with the plugin. For me Using the Render option and having the plugin send directly into Keyshot has been more successful. See the image below for example of what happens. All materials are the same between the two sides, but the exported stuff gets that weird tessellation.

Not to branch this thread too much, but any idea why the exported BIP would come out looking like that?


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