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Flintlock - The Judge


A mate of mine is into a pirate phase at the moment...
When searching for a weekend 3D project, he suggested a pirate theme.
I thought a flintlock with a nautical theme would be cool.

An octopus as a hilt protector - A handle of whale bone instead of the usual wood.
A doubloon set into the handle for luck and wealth.

Thanks Keyshot for a powerful and easy way to show what we model and what we dream...

Regards, Jet


Will Gibbons:
The metal materials look nice! What modeling software are these coming from?

Hi Will,

I am old - around when computers were invented. Back then we had the video toaster coupled with Lightwave by Newtek. All of my models are Lightwave built, usually massaged in Zbrush and rendered with Keyshot.

Kind regards, Jet


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