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Hello everybody,

We have a question concerning IES behaviour.
A company calculated and sent us IES file for LED strip.
Unfortunately, when we insert this file in Keyshot, the light is shown like a point, not like a line (the IES is based upon a 1 meter LED strip).
Do you have any solution to manage this kind od IES file?
Thanks a lot for your answer.

Are you sure it's not a profile for a single LED?


--- Quote from: RRIS on May 21, 2019, 12:42:43 am ---Are you sure it's not a profile for a single LED?

--- End quote ---

That is now mine are. There are ways for the engineers to calculate for an entire fixture. But it gets really complicated as it has to take into effects the material that the light is traveling through. I've had good success with assigning the ies profile to a single led geometry and using the pattern tool to replicate the proper number of LED's. Worked pretty well.

Thanks for your answer.
RRIS : I'm sure it's a STRIP LED IES file because it works in DIALUX (which is a light simulator software).
mattjgerard : Does that mean that it's not possible to manage an IES strip LED in Keyshot? (only single sources)

If the material is the same one across all the LED's in the unit, you can control them from the one material and that will change the light settings across the board for all of them simultaneously. Its how I do it.

Say I have a fixture with 20 leds, I set the material up on one LED, place that material on the rest of the leds, and then you can adjust all the LED's at the same time since they are all using the same material.

Then if you want to get fancy, change that material into a multi material, and then start creating color variants for the fixture. I have a single fixture that has 6500k, 3200k, 2700k, Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Magenta and Purple all in one material. Makes it super easy to manage and to pull in products to scenes when I need to throw something together quick


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