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Norton Manx Tank and Polished Aluminum

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One of the groups of materials that I find the most difficult are metals. Working on this personal project: vintage Norton Manx. And, decided to work up a believable polished aluminum. One of the things I noted is that the original stripes are hand painted and often show brush strokes. So, I thought adding a brush stroke to the paint might make it more believable. Tougher than I thought it would be. Lastly, I used Toon to make the rest of the bike go away.

The brush strokes look great! Especially in the reflection in the lower left. Nicely done

Thanks @Rex.  The only way I could figure to do it so that the brush stroke would follow the shape of the stripe was to create it by hand in Photoshop and then apply it as a texture.  Is there any other way you can think of?  My approach took a long time.

Photoshop is definitely the place to do it but I'd think there's a quick way. Maybe just create a path and apply a stroke to follow the path?

Looks so good! Love the brush stroke too. Rex is spot on. Create a path and stroke it with a brush - and set the brush Shape Dynamics control to Direction. Worked this up in less than a minute. You can add some variation in the brush settings as well. Just depends on how uniform you want the stroke.


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